Gravity Perks – Gravity Forms Read Only 1.9.18

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Gravity Perks – Gravity Forms Read Only

Gravity Forms Read Only

What does such do?

The Read Only perk allows ye in imitation of configure applicable shape fields in conformity with lie accept in imitation of a read only state. Fields put in to examine solely wish stand visible however no longer editable. In other words, the user may “read” the discipline charge however perform no longer alternate the subject value. This is beneficial between situations the place you would like to current facts according to the person without the user life in a position after modify to that amount data. One certain example is a Paragraph subject (textarea) populated together with your terms concerning service.

How function I enable that functionality?

The read only setting can keep enabled by navigating in accordance with the “Perks” score concerning an applicable area yet checking the “Read Only” checkbox.

GP Read Only Settings

Next you desire need in accordance with specify a penury worth for it field. To do so, navigate according to the field’s “Advanced” account or discover the “Default Value” setting. Enter the favored worth then pick a sink tag by way of clicking the “Merge Tags” icon after the correct concerning the field.

Step by Step

Below are step by way of foot directions for activating that functionality over someone form:

  • Navigate to the Gravity Forms Form Editor.
  • Select the structure because as thou would as in accordance with remark as read only.
  • Add someone field concerning a supported field type. All reliable fields are supported barring because HTML, CAPTCHA, Hidden, Page, yet Section.
  • Navigate after the Perks settings by way of clicking about the “Perks” tab.
  • Check the “Read Only” checkbox to spark off the performance because that field.
  • Navigate after the Advanced settings with the aid of clicking the “Advanced” tab.
  • Enter the favored worth yet pick a sink tag through clicking the “Merge Tags” ikon in conformity with the correct on the subject (available of Gravity Forms v.1.7).

How does it work?

When the form loads, the Read Only checks for anybody subject marked as much read only. When enabled, the “readonly” HTML quality is appended to the input then textarea tag when the area markup is generated by means of Gravity Forms. The gain about including it without delay after the shape markup is up to expectation we work now not need according to count number about Javascript in accordance with connect the “readonly” attribute below the shape has rendered.

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