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  • Product Version : 2.2.1
  • Product Last Updated : 10.08.2017
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Graph Paper Press Sell Media Reprints


Sell prints at once beside thine WordPress website yet aeroplane immediately in imitation of you customers.

The Reprints (Self-Fulfillment) development because of Sell Media permits store proprietors in conformity with sell image reprints directly oversea over theirs WordPress website or stamp then aeroplane them at once according to their customers. Now you perform sell both downloadable documents then prints the use of Sell Media! You do propagate an vast range about stamp sizes up to expectation consumers do purchase without delay beside thine WordPress site. You can impress the photos yourself, yet send them after your preferred brand dealer over choice. Below are half screenshots concerning the Reprints (Self-Fulfillment) expansion into action:

Shopping Cart

The purchasing cart pops over on the web page then permits thine customers in imitation of purchase either downloads and reprints. The screenshot on these the sketch about the reprint tab. Buyers execute purchase anybody range regarding sizes then finishes so much thine be able government on the settings page.

Settings Page

Configure an vast wide variety of reprint sizes or finishes, embark fees or configure flat, content and volume shipping rates. The Photo Reprints (Self-Fulfillment) extensions additionally makes it possible to absolutely cover the alternative for shoppers after buy downloads regarding a store-wide basis.

You do optionally make unaccompanied photos reachable because of reprint solely (not a downloadable product) through checking the “Reprint Only” choice then enhancing an object into Sell Media.

Limited Edition Photos, Prints, and Artwork

You do pick in accordance with sell limited version prints by means of checking the “Limited Editions” checkbox, recovery the post, yet last adding the total quantity as thou want in conformity with sell.

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