1. Purpose

Make a difference in customer service and fulfill the commitment to bring to the community quality products and thoughtful after-sales service when using the service at Good Plugin.

Support and add value to customers when using Good Plugin’s products.

2. Scope

Audience: Customers who have purchased products at Good Plugin system

3. Product exchange and refund policy.

  • Product is distributed by Good Plugin system.
  • Products with technical defects confirmed by Manufacturer/Suppliers.
  • Product cannot work or lacks features due to lack of template, license.

4. Condition is non-exchangeable.

  • The product is not compatible with the customer’s website, server or environment.
  • Customers make changes to the source code of the original product.
  • The product is not used according to the instructions and purposes of the manufacturer.
  • Bought but changed and don’t want to use anymore.
  • Not applicable for Gold MemberShip package

5. Product return process.

  1. Go to the orders section of your account page Here!
  2. Select the order you want to return
  3. There are 2 cases here including : Returning an entire order or Returning products in an order. You can choose to exchange 1  whole order or choose 1 or more products in that order
  4. Indicate the reason you want to return and exchange pictures of the product.
  5. The lead time will be 1-3 working days (Good plugin will reply your request as soon as possible)
  6. Good Plugin will refund or give you 1 discount code equal to the amount of product you want to refund
  7. Not applicable for Gold Member Ship package