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Intense – Shortcodes and Site Builder for WordPress

A considerable series over shortcodes, customized publish types, templates, snippets, icons, and extra because constructing thy website.

Intense includes a tremendous list over 110+ shortcodes (see the complete list near the backside concerning that page) and 19 customized put up kinds (FAQ, Portfolio, Project, News, Coupons, Snippets, Templates, and much more). clinking is timbered regarding Twitter Bootstrap. It includes parallax content sections with images. Many photo linger effect options with Adipoli yet Effeckts CSS. Filter blog, yet 15 sordid customized post types including transition effects the usage of MixItUp. Photo sources consist of Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, SmugMug, deviantART, Zenfolio, 500px, yet Google+. Easily propagate shortcodes along the utilizes over shortcode executive dialogs.



  • Animated – Animated permits for animating items about a page.
  • Button – Adds a clickable button according to the page.
  • Counter – Displays an incrementing/decrementing range so much can stand styled.
  • Guests – Show one-of-a-kind content material because of you company in WordPress. The visitors shortcode content wish only stay shown to non–registered users.
  • Horizontal Ruler – Places a horizontal ruler regarding the page ancient because of isolating content.
  • Icon – Used in imitation of assemble picture icons.
  • Lightbox – Add images, videos, html or iframe content material within the lightbox shortcode.
  • Members – Show one of a kind content material because thy contributors in WordPress. The contributors shortcode content material will solely stay proven according to registered users.
  • Permalink – The permalink shortcode approves you according to accumulate hyperlinks after pages yet posts concerning thine WordPress site.
  • Progress – Displays a progress occasion concerning the page.
  • RSS – Show RSS dinner posts into a list using the RSS shortcode.
  • Siblings – Add a list of sibling pages the usage of the siblings shortcode.
  • Slider – Adds a slider in accordance with the page allowing thou in conformity with rotate into quite a few items.
  • Snippet – You perform makes use of the Snippet shortcode to reuse the same snippet throughout a couple of pages, with the luxurious concerning solely maintaining the code in one place.
  • Social Icon – Adds a social strife according to the page.
  • Social Share – The social piece shortcode will permit a user in conformity with section a publish then web page according to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn or StumbleUpon.
  • Sub Pages – The subpages shortcode indicates a list on pages so are under pages/children about a fond page.
  • Template – Use the template shortcode to assimilate the content material of a file template after the post then page.


  • Alert – Alerts are old after acquaint the user over information.
  • Collapsible – Adds a collapsible accordion in conformity with the page.
  • Content Box – Adds a content material container in imitation of the page.
  • Content Section – Add a content material share after you page.
  • Hover Box – Allows ye to Gather a younger fashion after thine pix along seven distinctive linger transitions.
  • Icon List – Adds a bulletted list on objects in conformity with a page together with the bullets life an ikon over thy choice.
  • Layout Row – Organize your content material among rows then columns because a clean visible look.
  • Masonry – Show content regarding your pages in a responsive masonry format using the masonry shortcode.
  • Menu – Add vertical yet horizontal menus to thine WordPress site the use of the bill shortcode
  • Parallax Scene – Allows ye according to gender a content share where you perform assimilate transparent layers stacked over pinnacle about each other.
  • Person – Add a individual to you page/post.
  • Pricing Table – Add a pricing desk after WordPress including the pricing table shortcode.
  • Promotional Box – Add a promotional container according to you page/post.
  • Spacer – Adds a spacer among sections over you page.
  • Table – Adds a styled desk together with column headers or data.
  • Tabs – Adds tabs in imitation of the page/post.
  • Testimonies – Allows ye to assimilate memories in conformity with you page.
  • Timeline – Allows thou in conformity with assemble a timeline, with multiple events.


  • Animated Idea – The vivid image shortcode provides buoyant pics as pass left, right, up, then below alongside the screen
  • Audio – The audio shortcode lets you play mp3 then ogg archives regarding your WordPress pages.
  • Chart – Adds a bar, line, radial, polar area, pie, or doughnut chart.
  • Device Mockups – The device mockups shortcode mill into alliance along the Device Mockups plugin then approves you in imitation of exhibit you work within excessive resolution, compassionate machine mockups
  • Fullscreen Video – Shows a fullscreen video among the history about the page/post.
  • Gallery – Adds an picture edge in accordance with the page.
  • Google Docs Viewer – Add a record (ex. PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) after you WordPress web sites using Google Docs Viewer.
  • Image – Adds an picture along numerous one of a kind effects yet options.
  • Image Compare – Compare twins pics on top regarding each other.
  • Map – Used in conformity with Gather a Google map in imitation of you page.
  • Post Media – Used after Gather submit media (images, video, audio) in accordance with thy page.
  • QR Code – Adds a QR code chart.
  • Video – Used after conjoin a understanding video beyond WordPress yet dense popular sites.


  • Blog – Used in accordance with add a listing regarding weblog posts to you page.
  • Books – Used in accordance with assemble a list over books posts in conformity with thy page.
  • Clients – Used in imitation of conjoin a listing on consumers posts according to you page.
  • Coupons – Used in imitation of accumulate a listing regarding coupons posts in accordance with you page.
  • Custom Post Type – Used after conjoin a list on customized put up kind posts to thine page.
  • Events – Used in imitation of accumulate a listing regarding events posts to thy page.
  • FAQ – Used according to add a list of faq posts to you page.
  • Jobs – Used to conjoin a list concerning jobs posts in accordance with your page.
  • Locations – Used to add a list regarding areas posts after thine page.
  • Movies – Used after add a listing on movies posts in conformity with you page.
  • Music – Used in accordance with add a listing on tune posts to you page.
  • News – Used to assimilate a list of news posts in conformity with you page.
  • Pages – Used after add a listing regarding pages in accordance with thine page.
  • Portfolio – Used in imitation of add a listing on portfolio posts according to you page.
  • Post Fields – Used particularly of alliance along template custom post kind in imitation of gender templates.
  • Post Meta Data – Easily conjoin submit metadata in accordance with you WordPress put up then pages the usage of the Metadata Shortcode.
  • Project – Used in conformity with assimilate a list of mission posts after you page.
  • Quotes – Used according to accumulate a listing of costs posts in accordance with thy page.
  • Recent Books – Used in conformity with add a list regarding latest books posts in imitation of thy page.
  • Recent Clients – Used after conjoin a list of recent consumers posts according to thy page.
  • Recent Coupons – Used to accumulate a list of latest coupons posts after thy page.
  • Recent Events – Used after conjoin a listing over current events posts after you page.
  • Recent Jobs – Used in conformity with assimilate a list of current jobs posts in imitation of thine page.
  • Recent Locations – Used in conformity with assimilate a listing of current areas posts to you page.
  • Recent Movies – Used to assemble a listing over latest movies posts after you page.
  • Recent Music – Used in conformity with add a list concerning recent track posts in accordance with thine page.
  • Recent News – Used after accumulate a listing of latest news posts in accordance with your page.
  • Recent Pages – Used in accordance with conjoin a list regarding current pages in imitation of thy page.
  • Recent Portfolios – Used to assemble a list on current portfolio posts in conformity with thine page.
  • Recent Posts – Used according to add a list on current weblog posts in accordance with you page.
  • Recent Projects – Used in accordance with conjoin a listing on latest challenge posts after thy page.
  • Recent Quotes – Used to assemble a list over latest fees posts to thy page.
  • Recent Recipes – Used after accumulate a list on current recipes posts in imitation of your page.
  • Recent Team – Used according to add a listing regarding latest crew posts in accordance with you page.
  • Recent Testimonials – Used according to assimilate a list over current testimonials posts according to you page.
  • Recipes – Used in imitation of assimilate a list over recipes posts after thine page.
  • Team – Used in imitation of Gather a listing on group posts in conformity with your page.
  • Testimonials – Used in conformity with assimilate a list on testimonials posts after you page.


  • Badge – Places a coloured badge over the page.
  • Blockquote – Adds a blockquote in accordance with the page.
  • Code – Adds a preformatted code portion to the page.
  • Definitions – Add a list about terms or definitions vertically then horizontally.
  • Dropcap – Adds a paragraph dropcap character.
  • Emphasis – Adds a paragraph along textual content to that amount emphasizes the content.
  • Filler – The filler shortcode helps ye rapidly mock upon content material by using including filler textual content or images.
  • Heading – Allows thou in conformity with assimilate a direction together with your own styles
  • Highlight – Highlights text over the web page along a history color.
  • Label – Allows thou after conjoin a note in accordance with the page.
  • Lead – Adds a administration paragraph excellent because highlighting a barrier of text.
  • Popover – Allows ye to assemble a popover in accordance with anybody word/phrase concerning you choice.
  • Tooltip – Allows ye after add a tooltip in imitation of anybody word/phrase over thine choice.

Custom Post Types

  • Books – Add books or show to them into a variety about exceptional layouts.
  • Clients – Add purchasers yet show them in a quantity concerning one-of-a-kind layouts.
  • Coupons – Add coupons or show to them of a range concerning one of a kind layouts.
  • Events – Add events or show them between a variety about one-of-a-kind layouts.
  • FAQ – Add a fast asked questions sections to someone web page then post
  • Jobs – Add jobs yet show to them in a variety regarding one-of-a-kind layouts.
  • Locations – Add areas and display them in a quantity over different layouts.
  • Movies – Add films and show to them in a quantity concerning specific layouts.
  • Music – Add track or display them between a wide variety of exceptional layouts.
  • News – Add information and show to them among a wide variety concerning specific layouts.
  • Portfolio – Add portfolio items yet display to them into thirteen distinct graph options
  • Project – Add undertaking items or show to them into 13 specific plan options
  • Quotes – Add rates then show them between a variety about exceptional layouts.
  • Recipes – Add recipes and show them into a wide variety regarding one-of-a-kind layouts.
  • Snippets – Add snippets therefore as you may without problems reuse code
  • Team – Add a group or show that into a range on extraordinary layouts.
  • Templates – Add templates hence you may usage them because exhibiting any regarding these submit types
  • Testimonials – Add testimonials then show to them within a range about exclusive layouts.

Additional Features

  • 100% cell responsive.
  • Add shortcodes beside the WordPress visual and textual content editor.
  • Create code snippets so much thou may reuse
  • Easily originate templates that you be able utilizes for exhibiting thy posts, including the use on the Templates custom submit type
  • Visual Composer integration
  • Built concerning Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Easily add one hundred forty exceptional augmentation effects. Animate an item concerning a delay, concerning mouse hover, over mouse click, so scrolled among view, and below a timed prolong .
  • Translation ready
  • Right-to-left (RTL) speech assist built among so a plugin option
  • Parallax content sections or images
  • Many photo hover effect preferences along Adipoli and Effeckts
  • Filter regular posts then posts out of 15 special customized put up kinds including transit results the use of MixItUp

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