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– What the plugin does
Hide price and/or add to cart button and let your customers request a custom quote for every product.
– How you can benefit from it:
sell products and services without a fixed price to your catalog and give customers the option to request custom quotes;
hide price and Add to cart button for every product to push customers to contact you to receive a tailored offer for their needs;
hide prices from your competitors to build a competitive pricing strategy;
leverage on the scarcity principle by sending temporary quotes and notifying customers when the offer is about to expire to encourage them to purchase immediately;
easily manage every step of the quote process. When a customer accepts the quote, he will be redirected to the checkout page to pay and the quote will be converted to an order;
create quotes manually for customers that reach you by phone or physically in your shop/office.

Additional information:

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  • Unlimited number of websites to use.
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YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote Premium
It permits concealment cost and/or Gather in imitation of cart button consequently so much thy customers do petition a quotation of each and every product page.

How I do gain out of it:
You perform disable purchases on the whole e-commerce after flip such between a simple online chart on thy products;
You may originate a direct consultation together with strong customers any need in conformity with acquire in addition data respecting the product;
You can send custom charges as much a PDF format;
You perform ship gives yet unique promotions in accordance with these users inquiring for the quote;
You perform enable the excerpt sue solely concerning out-of-stock products;
You perform allow the quote apply only because customers registered over you site.
Many shopkeepers promote lading yet functions because of as a note with worth is no longer enough. For off-the-shelf items, because of as significant quantities about the identical manufacture would possibly be purchased, a buyer commonly prefers in imitation of get of contact along the dealer according to negotiate an advert hoc value solution. A quote request is a aqueduct as approves that negotiation, up to expectation in any other case is tough after gain within online shops.

YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote has been explicitly conceived in conformity with provide a assembly point of clients yet suppliers, running beyond regular then on occasion restrictive e-commerce systems where price solely may remain proven because a single product and no chances according to behave together with deep merchandise at the equal age are conceived.
One regarding the major obstacles regarding on-line shopping, so is, communication with potential clients then negotiation, might keep solved gratefulness to forms because removal requests.

This plugin provides customers the opportunity according to accumulate objects in imitation of a list or since put up it after the site conductor after arrive a recovery because them. At the equal time, directors whichever acquire requests because costs perform get an idea of the dimension over importance because their products and edit advert hoc presents according after customers’ requests.

To supply ye this, predominant purposes regarding the plugin are the opportunity in accordance with show an “Add in accordance with Quote” button or link in production web page so provides the object to the listing for products after lie quoted.
It is also feasible to hide, if necessary, “Add to cart” button after encourage clients after come in touch with suppliers, then the introduction of a listing where entire products execute keep amassed or so may stand submitted in accordance with the store owner: that is right here so much the dead negotiation occurs.

Insert the sue form of any page over thine site
Hide “Add in conformity with cart” button concerning entire the products concerning thine site
Receive an e mail for each sue despatched by way of the user
Override email template tooled by way of the plugin
Select one then extra products then ship the lifting appeal through a devoted form accessible of the site
Add the manufacture to the excerpt pray at once beside manufacture detail page
All services on the free version
Insert “Add according to quote” button both into production element page or about whole the lousy archive pages the place that appears
Show “Add in accordance with quote” button solely on precise merchandise of the shop
Hide “Add after quote” button solely concerning incomplete merchandise regarding the shop
Show “Add in conformity with quote” button only to registered users, according to users along a unique WordPress function yet in conformity with whole users
Hide cost on whole the products about your site
Give users the possibility in imitation of apply a lifting also or only for “out on stock” products
Customize the style or the shades on “Add in imitation of quote” button
Choose the information in imitation of exhibit because of each manufacture concerning the removal web page and email
regular price
Select the structure used to ship the lifting request, deciding on from:
the superior penurity form included
a form built and configured along Contact Form 7 plugin
a structure created then configured together with Gravity Forms plugin
a structure created with YIT Contact Form plugin (available solely because of partial of YITH themes)
Enable then force person determination thru the removal request form
Deny the possibility in imitation of ship excerpt requests in conformity with unlogged users
Show yet disguise “Accept” yet “Reject” buttons between the lifting email, between the PDF report yet of “My Account” page
Send an computerized e-mail including the lifting proposal
Receive an computerized email now user accepts then rejects the proposal
Activate the automated introduction concerning the PDF file including the quotation of “My Account” page
Attach the PDF lifting after the email sent according to the user
Set an expiration persimmon according to the quote proposal
Edit user’s shipping and/or billing tackle when growing the quote
Let users discover the information they’ve delivered in the excerpt apply of checkout page automatically
Enable the autocomplete function in conformity with pass regressive customers find their facts robotically crammed into the excerpt appeal form
Prevent the users out of editing their addresses then accepting the quote
Prevent the consumer from choosing a transport approach one-of-a-kind beside the one specific in the apply at the checkout
Show the listing over merchandise choice via user within sidebar
Enable the creation and automatic sending regarding the lifting along the aggregation thought of the original prices about the products
Enable the creation of the quote beside admin side
All the features over the unrestricted version
Receive an email together with administrator’s quote proposal
“Pay now” choice in imitation of offer except including billing/shipping info New
Check the listing concerning costs regarding “My Account” page
Accept or rule out administrator’s proposal
Leave remarks when rejecting a quote New
Download the PDF excerpt beside “My Account” page
Check entire the charges obtained earlier than the determination after the web page

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