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Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual


In its nearly easiest form, ACF is a UI because of deliverance custom discipline values after a publish goal or because almost multilingual plugins will create a recent post because of every translation, it is convenient because of ACF in accordance with action alongside thy multilingual internet site without somebody formal needed.

This treatise desire grant directions because of a successful multilingual ACF installation.


The WPML plugin factory well along ACF. Here are partial guidelines or recommendations according to edit secure you internet site runs smoothly:

1. Enable subject team translation

Before developing a subject group, opt enable the “Field Groups” post type because translation. This is feasible with the aid of the WPML -> Translation administration page.

The alternative because “Fields” has been hidden of latest variations of ACF, however postulate visible, be keen on leave “Fields” namely “Do nothing” as like in imitation of keep away from conflicts then loading fields.

2. Translate field groups

Each language wish require it’s own transport regarding a subject group. The easiest workflow is to gender you subject crew in the non-existence speech yet then makes use of the ‘Duplicate’ tool in imitation of create a duplicate discipline crew among the modern language. You do since redact the field’s label, settings however the field’s name must continue to be constant throughout whole translations. This is due to the fact ACF makes use of the field’s name in imitation of retailer it’s data.

3. Editing a post

When modifying a post, solely the relevant language subject agencies will stand loaded.

To make a transport concerning the post, you can also use the equal ‘Duplicate’ tool as much above, but keep definitive in imitation of click the ‘Translate Independently’ button in accordance with forestall the translated post’s custom fields from being modified by using the authentic post.

4. Avoid facts loss

When editing a post, WPML intention show a metabox containing a list on whole customized fields and preferences in conformity with ‘Translate’ yet ‘Copy’ the data. These settings can forestall ACF from efficiently salvation data then it is essential in accordance with apprehend when to usage them.

The ‘Copy’ placing will (upon update of the post) copy across the unique post’s cost yet replace the translated post’s value. Please observe up to expectation this placing does now not exchange to ‘Translate’ afterward the post has been saved, consequently postulate ye bear elect ‘Copy’, ACF desire now not lie capable to store a unique cost because the translated post.

The ‘Translate’ placing will do nothing, or allow ACF to effectively retailer the customized subject statistics in imitation of the post.

You choice be aware up to expectation WPML indicates secret custom discipline values such so ‘_image’. These must now not be copied so the virtue relates to a field yet due to the fact each field is different because every translation, these have to also be. In short, skip the underscore fields yet depart as like ‘Translate’

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